A short documentary about Steampunk artist Mark Eliot Schwabe by filmmaker H.E. Albee. Schwabe speaks about his work, what it is to be an artist, his Father and more. Also includes footage of Schwabe at work. In addition to credits listed in the film, credit Ben Schwabe for photo of Mark Eliot Schwabe at SteamCon convention.

These objects are the culmination of a lifetime spent working in metals. Both the pieces, and the experience of making them, are great fun!

With a bow to the time honored principals and traditions of artistic composition, and a salute to my mentors, I pursue the making of things in metal with great joy.

The machinery of our world, and of getting from here to there in particular, is very interesting. In this area humankind has been especially imaginative. I build on that creativity with my own imagining, making objects that are fun and functional.

I express my ideas in both sculpted brooches (wearables) and sculpture. Most have movable parts: doors that open & close, wheels that turn, propellers that spin and the like. Many come with frames so that they can be displayed when not being worn.

Metal scraps generated while making these pieces are later reused or recycled. Copper wires used are re-purposed from discarded communications wiring.

Press & Career Highlights

  • April 2016 Schwabe profiled in Seven Days, Vermont's arts & entertainment weekly. (Click to read)

  • Schwabe's "transported" work was designated a "Show Stopper" at the 2016 Paradise City Arts Festival.

  • Mark Eliot Schwabe IS an exhibit in The Steampunk Museum: http://www.thesteampunkmuseum.com/2349_Mark_Eliot_Schwabe_Exhibit.html 

  • Schwabe was (literally) the face of Burlington VT "Art Hop" in the Burlington Free Press, 2013

  • Schwabe's work was included in the important “Steampunkinetics” exhibit (steampunk art with movable parts) at New York City’s AFA Gallery in 2012.

  • Schwabe's work was featured in the very popular “Rockets, Robots & Steampunk” exhibit at Vermont’s Shelburne Museum in 2012.

  • In 1988 the Lincoln Art Welding Foundation recognized Schwabe for his contributions to the field of electric arc welding design & application (for a series of sculptures).

Mark Eliot Schwabe at work in his studio